How Did WWE React To Paul Heyman’s Brock Lesnar Name-Drop?

Paul Heyman Brock Lesnar

How did Paul Heyman’s mention of Brock Lesnar go down backstage?

At the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, Paul Heyman delivered an acceptance speech for the ages. The former ECW boss and The Bloodline’s resident Wiseman took fans on a journey through his career, including a salute for Triple H, commenting that for the rest of his life, he’ll be a “Paul Levesque guy.”

Heyman also raised eyebrows by mentioning Brock Lesnar — something WWE has steered clear of for much of 2024. Lesnar had been due to be part of the Royal Rumble, but plans were dropped after he was named in association in a lawsuit brought against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and WWE.

Although not named in the suit itself, former WWE employee Janel Grant alleged that McMahon had offered her sexual services to an unnamed former UFC Champion and WWE star. It’s been widely reported that the star in question is Lesnar.

In regard to Heyman mentioning Lesnar, a new report from Aaron Varble of SEScoops, noted there were no issues backstage or pushback against Heyman.

Members of the creative team were told ahead of the Hall of Fame that Heyman had free reign to say whatever he wanted.

“We’re inducting Heyman in Philly, and we know what the audience is going to want, and we’re going to let Heyman give it to them.”

Backstage figures were later full of praise for Heyman’s performance.

“A master class in psychology,” where “the ebb and flow of his promo resembled the structure of a public speech or rally unlike anything seen before in WWE.”

Triple H Shares Brock Lesnar Update

During the post-WrestleMania XL night one press conference, Triple H was asked about Lesnar’s status within WWE given the lack of public comment from the company. Interestingly, The Game revealed that Brock Lesnar is still very much with WWE, and is just at home “being Brock.”

Brock Lesnar hasn’t wrestled since being defeated by Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam.