WWE NXT Wrestler To Be On “The Bachelorette”

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There’s a WWE NXT developmental wrestler that is going to be a contestant on the next season of The Bachelorette.

A WWE NXT superstar is going to be looking for love as he competes against other males to try to win the heart of The Bachelorette. It’s a show that airs on ABC beginning on June 26th with a woman named Charity Lawson as The Bachelorette for this season.

The wrestler in question is Kale Dixon, who has yet to be on NXT TV, but he has wrestled on LVL Up on Peacock/WWE Network in the past. Here’s more information from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

“Caleb Balgaard, 25, who is using the name Kale Dixon, will be on the next season of The Bachelorette, which debuts on 6/26. Balgaard was a college baseball player at South Alabama before being signed last year by WWE. He’s worked house show dates and LVL Up and was about to be brought to NXT television.”

On ABC’s website, they have a profile of Caleb as well.

Caleb B. might be a villain in the wrestling ring, but he couldn’t be more of a softie in real life! The professional wrestler may seem tough, but he’s a romantic guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. Caleb B. is extremely close with his family and is hoping to settle down and start a family of his own very soon. Caleb B. is the kind of guy who loves going above and beyond to make his partner feel special and one time even hand-carved a heart necklace out of seashells for his someone. Will Caleb B. get the fairy-tale ending that he’s been hoping for with Charity? Only time will tell.

Fun Facts:

• Caleb B. can’t control himself around doughnuts.

• Caleb B. wants to get his paragliding certification.

• Caleb B. makes a cowboy hat look good.

The ABC shows The Bachelor has been part of television for the past 20 years. The Bachelor started in 2002 and then The Bachelorette began in 2003.

TJRWrestling will not be recapping Caleb’s appearances on The Bachelorette, but we wish him the best in all of his dating endeavors.