WWE NXT Tag Team Could Be Joining The LWO


A current WWE NXT tag team could be a part of the LWO when they get back to the main roster.

Over the last month, WWE’s NXT brand has aired weekly vignettes featuring Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo. The two young stars, who had spent several years on the main roster, are being repackaged and retooled in NXT.

Angel and Humberto are cousins who share the same grandfather, wrestling legend Humberto Garza. He passed away last year.

The NXT vignettes have seen the cousins talking a lot about wanting to carry on their family’s legacy. Instead of being Los Lotharios as a team that was trying to impress women at ringside, they want to focus on their family’s legacy.

This past week on NXT, Garza & Carrillo were featured in another weird vignette claiming they had the same dream where they had scars on their chest. Both men claimed that it was their grandfather telling them they had to start from scratch to get where they wanted to go as a team.

WWE Might Put Garza & Carrillo in the LWO

On Smackdown, the Latino World Order (LWO) group is led by the US Champion Rey Mysterio along with Santos Escobar, Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde and Zelina Vega. The group has been regularly featured on Smackdown since around WrestleMania season five months ago.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter wrote that Garza & Carrillo could be part of the LWO.

“Angel Garza has been teasing something Perros Del Mal related. We do know an idea batted around is for the Garza cousins to eventually be involved with the LWO, but that’s one of those things down the line that could easily change.”

“The idea right now is for them to be a tag team in NXT and if they get some steam there, bring them back to the main roster but likely with a new name since part of these vignettes seems to be to drop the chasing women and get serious about wrestling, meaning the Los Lotharios name being dropped. Again, long-term a lot can happen.”

Garza & Carrillo will return to tag team action this coming Tuesday, September 5th on NXT TV.