WWE NXT Stars Get Engaged

WWE logo over wedding rings

There’s good news for two WWE NXT stars who announced that they are now engaged to be married.

Blair Davenport graduated to NXT proper from NXT UK after the UK brand closed in the fall of 2022. Davenport made her mark on NXT in the US when she appeared after months of absence in June 2023 and has been a thorn in the side of the rest of the women’s division ever since.

Riley Osborne has burst onto the scene in WWE NXT as part of the men’s Breakout Tournament and has been unveiled as the newest member of Chase U. Osborne has already taken on Lexis King in the semi-final of that tournament as part of the NXT show that will air on December 26. And now both Osborne and Davenport have reason to celebrate.

Taking to social media, Blair Davenport revealed she said yes to fellow NXT star Riley Osborne and showed off her engagement ring.

Blair Davenport Riley Osborne WWE NXT

One WWE Star Might Not Be Thrilled

Chase U remains under investigation on WWE TV thanks to Andre Chase’s gambling issues plunging the institution into debt.

Thea Hail – Osborne’s teammate in Chase U – has been showing signs of having a crush on the star in recent weeks so it remains to be seen if this real-life news will play into storylines moving forward.