WWE NXT Star Joins Faction In Shock SmackDown Debut

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A WWE superstar from NXT made her presence felt on Smackdown by joining a group on the rise.

There was a big grudge on WWE Smackdown from Miami as the LWO’s Carlito battled against Legado Del Fantasma’s Santos Escobar. Both men had some help at ringside since Carlito was joined by Zelina Vega, Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde while Escobar had Angel & Humberto with him.

The backstory to the match is that Escobar did a running knee attack to Carlito’s right arm/shoulder area in November and Carlito finally had the chance for revenge.

As the match progressed, the four wrestlers on the floor got into a brawl. Vega went on the apron, which led to NXT’s Elektra Lopez making her main roster debut by tripping up Vega on the apron and slamming Vega onto the commentary table.

After the match, Lopez hugged her friend Escobar and posed by the entrance area with Escobar, Angel & Humberto to show that she has joined the Legado Del Fantasma group.

It appears as if this is Elektra Lopez’s WWE main roster debut. Later on Smackdown, Lopez also appeared in a backstage segment with Escobar, Angel & Humberto as Escobar picked his number for the Royal Rumble match.

Elektra Lopez Reunited With Legado On WWE Smackdown

During her NXT career, Elektra Lopez was a part of the Legado Del Fantasma group that was led by Escobar along with Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde when they had different names. Lopez was nicknamed “La Madrina” during that run and that was referenced by Smackdown announcer Corey Graves as well.

For the last several months on NXT TV, Lopez was linked to NXT Women’s Breakout winner Lola Vice. However, they had a falling out during a recent battle royal and got into a fight this past Tuesday on NXT as well.

Another member of the LWO, Rey Mysterio, is expected to return to the ring at any time and could be back in action during the Royal Rumble on Saturday in Tampa.