WWE Has New Role For In Mind For CM Punk

CM Punk WWE SmackDown

CM Punk is out of action and could be for a long time but it seems WWE has plans to keep the star on TV during his time out of the ring.

CM Punk suffered a torn triceps in the Royal Rumble that ruled him out of an expected World Heavyweight Championship bout with Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 40.

Punk previously suffered the same injury in his other arm during his ill-fated stint in AEW and that kept him out of action for around nine months. However, it should be noted that there were other considerations regarding his return after his backstage fight with The Elite at All Out in 2022.

WWE Wants CM Punk On TV

Fightful Select has reported Punk’s close personal friend and infamous former AEW producer Ace Steel commented on the Wrestling Perspective podcast that WWE wants CM Punk on commentary during his absence from the ring although notes that he wouldn’t want to see Punk on the same show as Drew McIntyre after McIntyre took Punk out:

Definitely, they want him on commentary. I don’t know that they go that route since they did an injury angle to pull him out since they did the storyline on him; [Drew] stomps on his arm. There’s the physicality that puts him out.

I personally don’t want to see him in an onscreen role unless it’s in the meantime he’s doing NXT or something. I really don’t want to see him on the same show as Drew Mcintyre because his sole focus would be going after Drew Mcintyre. “Well, I can’t fight you. Well, I’m gonna try.” We see people hit by cars and [forklifts] and all these things, you know.

Still, I feel like the fact that they did the injury that a lot of people think they put the storyline to it now that a lot of people think he’s faking it, which is hilarious that it’s a storyline 100% which of course it’s wrestling. So, you’ve done so many of those, like, oh, well, let’s do this where he hurts guys.

CM Punk previously had a stint on commentary during his first run in WWE while suffering an injury which eventually led to his feud with John Cena.