WWE Manager Gets New Client After Recent Release

WWE logo over Robert Stone

One WWE manager finally has a new client after their previous one was released by the company.

On April 19th, WWE released Jinder Mahal, Xyon Quinn, Xia Li, Veer, and Sanga. The departures caught many by surprise with the news breaking while SmackDown was on the air.

In the days that followed, it also emerged that Von Wagner had also been released by WWE with Dave Meltzer explaining why that move had been made shortly after:

The only thing I know about this one is that it was a main roster decision. Even though he was not working on the main roster – he was working in NXT – he is technically, like Xyon Quinn, they are main roster wrestlers. They were considered main roster wrestlers, therefore because they were not being used on the main roster the decision was made to cut them.

Essentially they felt that he had been a main roster wrestler for a year and they hadn’t used him and it’s been a year and they weren’t gonna use him. And if they’re not gonna use you you’re gonna get cut.

Von Wagner had been declared a free agent after the 2023 WWE Draft but only made one Raw appearance after that and was still featured frequently on NXT. Wagner had been associated with Robert Stone leaving him at a bit of a loose end after his WWE exit, but that has now changed.

Robert Stone Gets New Client In WWE?

On the 21st of May edition of NXT, Lexis King was again annoying Stone backstage when General Manager Ava made a match for King but said he’d find out his opponent in the ring. It was left to Mr Stone to then announce King’s opponent as he introduced Dante Chen, who had not been seen on NXT proper since losing to King at Halloween Havoc seven months ago.

Chen picked up the surprise win and later, he was seen backstage with Robert Stone while Ava congratulated the manager for making a star, suggesting that the partnership is going to last.