WWE Makes Big Creative Pivot With Faction

Triple H WWE

After a bad loss that saw Tony D’Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo lose the NXT Tag Team Championship, it seems WWE is making a big change.

Bron Breakker is heading to the WWE main roster but before he got there he formed an unlikely alliance with Baron Corbin to win the 2024 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. As a result of that win Corbin and Breakker got a shot at the NXT Tag Team Championship on the 13th of February edition of NXT and defeated The Family to win that gold.

While some teams might like to regroup and go after the championship after a loss like that it seems Tony D’Angelo has other ideas.

Tony D’Angelo Reclaiming Don Role In WWE NXT

On the 20th of February edition of NXT, Tony D’Angelo, Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo, and Adriana Rizzo met after D’Angelo called a family meeting. D’Angelo told the group he was taking things in a different direction and was looking to re-assert control over The Family and NXT as well.

D’Angelo told Rizzo and Lorenzo that it was now time for him to truly become The Don of NXT and that he was calling the shots. He also warned the pair if they had an issue with that then they could leave. However, both Lorenzo and Rizzo seemed agreeable to the changes for now at least.

With this pivot, it looks like D’Angelo and Lorenzo will be pursuing singles careers in the ring once again, and the North American Champion as well as the NXT Champion might want to watch their back.