WWE Locker Room Reportedly Unhappy With Treatment Of Big E

Big E

A new report has made the claim that many in the WWE locker room are “upset” with how the company has treated former WWE Champion, Big E.

2021 was a huge year for Big E as the New Day member finally broke out on his own. After winning the Money In The Bank briefcase in July, the ‘Alpha Unicorn’ went from strength to strength before reaching the top of the company when he cashed in his briefcase on Bobby Lashley in September to capture the WWE Championship for the first time in his career.

However, things quickly changed at the dawn of 2022 as Day One on New Year’s Day saw the star lose his WWE Title in a Fatal Five-Way match to Brock Lesnar. Lesnar had been a late addition to the bout after his original opponent, Roman Reigns, was unable to compete at the event due to COVID.

While some believed Big E would have retained the belt if Lesnar had not been added to the match, reports later emerged saying that Big E was always going to lose his title at the event, with the only difference being that Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins was originally going to be the one to end his reign.

Going into the Royal Rumble, Big E was one of the favourites to win the men’s Rumble match and secure his spot in the main event of WrestleMania, where he would be able to reclaim his crown. However, after entering at number 26, he was unable to make any eliminations before being dumped over the top rope by RK-Bro.

Now, Wade Keller of PWTorch has reported that many in the WWE locker room are not pleased with the way the rug has been pulled out from under the star.

“I’ve asked around, and all I’ve gotten is people who are really upset, you know, with the rug being pulled out from under him, and I haven’t heard anything about there being an awareness of an issue with him and I think the people I have asked would know.”

”But, I mean, one person just described him as a magnificent human being who doesn’t deserve this treatment.”

Big E is currently a member of the SmackDown roster alongside his New Day teammates Kofi Kingston and King Woods. He recently teamed up with Kingston to defeat Los Lotharios in a Tag Team bout.