WWE Legend Taunted Logan Paul Backstage Seconds Before Kevin Owens Match

Logan Paul hits Kevin Owen at the Royal Rumble

A WWE legend made sure to fire up Logan Paul during the Royal Rumble.

Despite winning the United States Title at Crown Jewel back in November, Logan Paul has remained very much a part-time presence in WWE. In fact, Paul’s match with Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble marked his first since winning the gold.

On the big night, Paul picked up the win thanks to a disqualification. Owens was caught using brass knuckles, but only after Paul’s friend Jeff had already introduced them into the match.

During the latest episode of his Impaulsive podcast, Paul paid tribute to Owens and revealed that Paul Heyman tried to fire him up seconds before he walked through the curtain.

“Kevin Owens is better than I thought. He’s good. I made fun of him. Frequently. Called him all sorts of things. Called him the Humpty Dumpty of WWE. Called him a 40-year-old school boy who dressed like a teenager. I underestimated him and I’m in a little bit of pain. I’m in a little bit of pain.

I did retain my title, against all odds, for the first time in WWE. One title defense at a time. Who knows, at this rate, I could be the next Roman Reigns. I’m in pain. I bled.

The position of the match was difficult. We were after the women’s Royal Rumble and the fatal four-way with Roman Reigns where he also retained his championship. Paul Heyman, after the match, comes out and everyone is chest out, they knew they just blew the fucking roof off with Roman.

Paul Heyman goes, ‘Come here, son.’ Motions me over. ‘What’s up Paul?’ He goes, ‘You want some motivation?’ ‘Absolutely.’ He goes, ‘Follow that motherf*cker.’ He goes, ‘You can do it.’ Kevin, he’s ruthless, I’ll be honest with you. He has fingerprints on my chest. My shoulder. I’ll be honest, I underestimated him. I was playing chess and he was playing checkers.”

Kevin Owens Wrestles Logan Paul Despite Injury

Following the injury struggles suffered by Seth Rollins and CM Punk, it’s been revealed that another former World Champion is also dealing with a significant issue.

Aside from Punk and Rollins, it’s been reported that Kevin Owens also recently suffered an injury. It’s believed that the former Universal Champion is dealing with a fractured foot after being struck down by the injury on the January 5th episode of SmackDown.

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