WWE Legend Says No One More Deserving Of Hall Of Fame Spot Than Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman

The upcoming WWE Hall Of Fame induction for Paul Heyman is well deserved according to one WWE legend.

The Associated Press recently announced that Heyman is set to honoured alongside the likes of Bull Nakano and The U.S Express during a star-studded ceremony in Philadelphia on Friday 5th April.

Heyman’s undeniable contribution to the wrestling business stretches over 35 years, many of which have been spent alongside legendary ring announcer and WWE Hall Of Famer, Jim Ross.

The duo would broadcast together during Heyman’s five-year run in WCW and reunited in WWE eight years later after Ross’ long-term announce colleague Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler departed the company following the release of then-girlfriend Stacy ‘The Kat’ Carter.

Their spiky chemistry was immediately apparent and the pair would famously go on to call WrestleMania 17 together, an event often regarded as the finest WWE Premium Live Event of all-time.

During a recent episode of his podcast ‘Grilling JR’, Ross shared his praise for Heyman and revealed that it was his originally his idea to move Heyman into the announce booth in WCW:

“Oh yeah, there’s nobody going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, past or present, that’s more deserving than Paul Heyman.

I saw this brash, young manager that the booking committee did not want to work with on a regular basis because he was very smart, smarter than most of them, and very demanding, so, my idea was, ‘Well if you guys aren’t gonna use this kid, I’ll use him on the broadcast’.

So it’s my idea to make him a broadcaster to start with and he’s never let me down or anybody else down that he’s worked for”

Ross and Heyman would famously clash verbally when seated next to each other in the commentary booth, but ‘Good Old JR’ insists that the friction helped bring the very best out of him as a broadcaster:

“Without question, he brought the best out of me. He knew how to p*ss me off, he knew how to manage it. He was great, he was great.

People really legitimately believed that Heyman and I hated each other. They legitimately believed that we hated each other and nothing could be farther from the truth, I’m happy to say.”

WWE Legend Jim Ross Shares Delight At Upcoming Paul Heyman Honour

Current AEW announcer Ross would go on reveal that he would unsurprisingly play no part in the induction, but revealed his pride for Heyman’s success and noted he would be watching the event:

“I’m very happy for Paul, I’m proud of him. Although I won’t be able to be involved in his Hall of Fame day, I will certainly be watching in earnest and I’m just proud for him. It’s nobody quite like him, ever. Now or then or forever.

So, good for Paul. Good dude, talented as hell and has been talented through multiple generations and multiple incarnations. So I’m happy for him to say the very least. He’s very well-deserving and I don’t know who else is going in the Hall of Fame this year but nobody that’s gonna go in is more deserving than Paul Heyman.”

H/T: Post Wrestling for the above transcription.