WWE Legend Reveals Mafia Once Put A Hit Out On Him

WWE John Cena gangster WrestleMania entrance

The world of professional wrestling is a wacky and sometimes dangerous one with a WWE Hall of Famer revealing he once had his life threatened by the mob.

Jake Roberts spent several years over different spells in WWE, becoming a household name as the cunning and deceitful Jake ‘The Snake.’

Speaking on his Snake Pit podcast – courtesy of – the AEW star discussed one of the most noteworthy episodes from his chequered career – the time a criminal stole his identity and upset the mafia:

“The weirdest and worst… There was a guy that looked something like me and he was following me around the country. And he must have had an incredible booking agent or whatever because this guy was doing personal appearances as well.”

Even more worryingly, the man’s actions led to Vince McMahon calling Roberts to find out if he’d committed a serious crime. As it turned out the interloper – while still claiming to be Roberts married a woman in Detroit before drugging and robbing her. That action nearly had disastrous consequences for the real Jake Roberts as the woman in question had connections:

“She was connected to the mafia. They called WWF telling me that I was a marked man. They were going to f**king kill me.”

The story has a troubling end as the impersonator was caught after he attempted to rape a masseuse before running out on a $300 bar tab and being pulled over by the cops.

h/t Wrestling Inc.