WWE Legend Vows To Never Work With Dark Side Of The Ring

Wrestling Legend Raves About WWE Superstar's

WWE Legend Booker T has claimed he will never again work with the producers of ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’.

The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer made the bold claim after claiming his words had been misrepresented in the recent ‘Who Killed WCW?’ docuseries.

The four part season is being produced by the team behind the popular ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’ series, alongside The Rock’s Seven Bucks Production company.

Episodes have been generally well received by critics so far but have been met with anger by Booker T. Speaking on his podcast, Hall Of Fame with Booker T & Brad Gilmore‘, the former five-time WCW Champion revealed that it was only The Rock’s involvement that saw him agree to join the project before slamming producers for his portrayal in the show:

“I don’t represent anything [concerned] with the ‘Dark Side of the Ring.

Only reason I did this one is because it had something to do with The Rock and Brian Gewirtz, who had something to do with it as well. So I trusted them to put my words in context; it was taken out of context.

That’s the only reason why I never did anything with ‘Dark Side of the Ring.’ And just going on record: I will never do anything with ‘Dark Side of the Ring’ ever again, going forward.”

WWE Legend Booker T Previously Refused Documentary Appearance

Booker T’s appearance in ‘Who Killed WCW?’ came as somewhat of a surprise given his previous refusal to involve himself in the ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’ series.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion had refused to participate in an episode covering WCW Bash At The Beach 2000 after a previous show covering the infamous WWE ‘Plane RIde From Hell’ had seen fresh anger directed at the participants involved.

H/T: WrestlingInc for the above transcription.