WWE Star Says John Cena “Will Give You The Truth No Matter What”

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John Cena is all about hustle, loyalty and respect while one veteran WWE superstar says Cena will also give you the truth when offering up career advice.

Baron Corbin has been a part of the WWE system for over a decade going back to 2012 when the company signed him after he spent three years in the NFL as an offensive lineman.

After spending about four years in the developmental system that included a dominant run in NXT, Corbin was called up to the main roster in 2016 and won that year’s Andre The Giant battle royal at WrestleMania 32.

One year later, Baron Corbin was Mr. Money in the Bank in 2017. That’s when he got into a rivalry with WWE’s biggest star John Cena on Smackdown. Corbin had one of the worst Money in the Bank cash-in attempts of all time in part due to Cena getting involved, so Corbin failed his cash-in on WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

At SummerSlam 2017, John Cena beat Baron Corbin in a singles match with Cena winning the feud they had. Corbin has also had a lengthy feud with another major name in WWE, Roman Reigns.

The only championship that Corbin has won on the main roster is the United States Title. However, Corbin has had a number of different gimmicks (Lone Wolf, Happy, Sad, Authority Figure), he has had allies and got to retire Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 35 in 2019. The match was underwhelming while Angle himself said he wanted John Cena in that spot instead.

While appearing on WWE’s After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves & Kevin Patrick, Baron Corbin talked about advice he received from John Cena while also complimenting the future Hall of Famer for being honest.

“When I came to WWE, I had a lot of conversations with John Cena and he’s a guy that will give you the truth no matter what. There’s few people in this business who will do that. John will tell you that sucks. You’re not good enough for that. That wasn’t great, or that was awesome. That was a great job. But he was a guy who I have had conversations with at length in the gym when I was coming up a little bit and getting on the main roster.”

“Two things that he’s really preached to me is always thinking about what’s next. Where do you go after the show tomorrow, and a lot of guys don’t do that. Like when I had a match with him at SummerSlam. He’s like, ‘Think about Monday night. We’re going to do what we do at SummerSlam, but what are you doing Monday night, so always have a few steps ahead.’ So I always try to think of that.”

As he continued, Baron Corbin spoke about how John Cena has preached to him about making the most of what you are given.

“Then the other thing that really stuck with me that John has preached which I think has helped my career immensely is how do you take what you’re given and make it the absolute best you can?”

“That process he goes through, when he’s handed a promo, okay, I see what you want, and you want this exactly like this. Okay, how do I make it the best I can absolutely make it’, and it’s kind of one of those things, you see a challenge and we all get promos, we all get opportunities, we all get things that we may or may not want to do. How do I make it stand out? How do I make it amazing? How do I take this and turn it into gold?”

“I think Sad Corbin is the prime example of that. When Vince tasked me with that, I saw it as an opportunity to change, show character work, and just to add another level to my body of work. It was only supposed to be like a two week thing and it ended up running for months because I went all in.”

Baron Corbin recently challenged Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Title. While Corbin came up short, he had an impressive performance and is currently trying to “find himself” during vignettes on recent episodes of NXT television.

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