WWE Reportedly Showing Interest In Signing Major Free Agent

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There is apparently some strong interest from WWE to sign a major free agent with the report noting that it may not be for Jay White.

A huge stipulation was added to the Jay White-Eddie Kingston match for this upcoming Saturday at NJPW’s Battle in the Valley. It was announced by White himself that the loser of this match must leave NJPW and not wrestle for the company ever again.

The story regarding White is that lost a loser leaves Japan match to Hikuleo, meaning he had to leave the country he was wrestling in for several years. That didn’t mean he had to stay away from NJPW altogether since they run shows in the US as well. White is believed to be a free agent very soon.

While there is a lot of speculation that White’s next stop could be WWE or AEW because they are the biggest promotions in wrestling outside of NJPW with both companies likely having a lot of interest in hiring a former IWGP World Champion like Jay White.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote about how WWE may have an interest in somebody else that’s a free agent.

“He had in the past expressed little interest in going to WWE when it would be brought up to him, but times always change, and at 30, your priorities also change.”

“It is not clear what is next for White, although one would suspect WWE or AEW would be his next destination because nothing else would make sense. Those in WWE who would normally know of major acquisitions during Mania season didn’t know about this one and only said that there was a much bigger major free agent in play right now that was internally the priority.”

It is not known who the “bigger, major free agent in play” is right now.