WWE Icon Unsure If WWE Can Turn Down The Rock In Favour Of Cody Rhodes’ Story

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Cody Rhodes might be forced to take a backseat to The Rock.

The Rock shook WWE to its core on January 1st when he appeared on Raw and referenced Roman Reigns in a segment-closing promo. This sparked speculation that the pair could meet at WrestleMania or even Elimination Chamber.

Should The Great One compete at WrestleMania, it would seemingly be at the expense of Cody Rhodes, who had been in line to ‘finish the story’ against Reigns.

Speaking on Lex Expressed, Lex Luger said he feels that Rhodes should be the guy to face Reigns, but it might be impossible for WWE to turn down The Rock.

Cody, I think he’s so deserving of getting that shot again,” said Lex. “Maybe I am biased. I love Cody. I really love his work. I love everything about him. I think he’d be a great babyface Champion that could carry them for many years. Then again, with TKO now involved in the decision-making process, can you turn down The Rock?

I think Cody should be the guy. Me personally, my personal preference, I think [Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 40] would be an amazing matchup, rematch,” Lex continues. “If The Rock says he wants to come to WrestleMania and wrestle Roman, almost as a company — he’s a global superstar, not just in wrestling, but a global pop culture movie star. So, I can’t imagine the people in charge now saying, ‘Well, thanks but no thanks, Rock.’ So I think that it’s really going to be in The Rock’s hands almost when you think about it.”

Luger added that it might be a case of now or never for The Rock.

“Depending on what he wants to do, if he wants to do one and get back in the ring because he’s not a spring chicken anymore. he’s past 50 now, right? He doesn’t have to wrestle anymore if he doesn’t want to. So, to get in shape, risk an injury, and do a bell-to-bell match when he hasn’t done that in such a long time. it’s a big deal for a guy like that. I know he likes everything to be tip-top. He’ll want to be in tip-top shape. So, if he wants to do it, I can’t see them saying no. It’s in his hands.”

The Rock Vs. Roman Reigns WrestleMania Or Nothing

According to a new report, The Rock vs. Roman Reigns won’t take place at Elimination Chamber. Reigns isn’t scheduled to appear at the event in Australia, and after the Royal Rumble likely won’t wrestle again until WrestleMania 40.

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