WWE Icon “Probably Done” In The Ring

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While retirement rarely means retirement in pro wrestling, podcast king Conrad Thompson has noted that he doesn’t expect fans to see Hulk Hogan ever lace up his boots again.

Recently Conrad Thompson and Eric Bischoff hosted an episode of the 83 Weeks podcast focusing on Hulk Hogan’s self-promoted tour of Australia which Bischoff co-produced. That came after Goldberg hit the headlines by suggesting he was set to embark on his own self-promoted tour to finish off his wrestling career – something Bischoff is hoping the former WCW World Champion doesn’t do.

Speaking to Nick Hausman on the Haus of Wrestling, Conrad Thompson noted that there was no correlation between the podcast subject and Goldberg’s possible retirement tour and is adamant that Hogan wouldn’t be a part of Goldberg’s shows:

“Those are not connected. Hulk Hogan will not be wrestling Goldberg on any of those shows. I haven’t been in contact with Hogan, but I can assure you there will not be a Hogan vs Goldberg last match.

“I don’t think there’s any scenario where you see Hulk Hogan even holding a tag rope. No disrespect, he is my favorite. He’s the reason I’m talking to you. I was a little Hulkamaniac, that’s what got me into this. But, sure, I think he’s, he’s probably done. I think that’s fair to say.”

There have been suggestions that another WCW icon could appear on any shows promoted by Goldberg with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Sting also looking to put a bow on his own illustrious in-ring career.

h/t Haus of Wrestling