WWE Higher Up Told Samantha Irvin To Stop Unique Ring Introduction

Samantha Irvin WWE

Chelsea Green fought her corner to keep a popular part of her presentation and thanks WWE fans for fighting her corner to get it back.

Chelsea Green’s comedic chops were on full display at the WWE Royal Rumble and her character had previously driven ring announcer Samantha Irvin to give her very own special introduction.

However, when Green’s ring announcement began to gain traction with WWE fans it disappeared all of a sudden and Irvin went back to announcing the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion just like everyone else.

Chelsea Green Asked To Keep WWE Ring Announcement

Speaking to WrestlingNewsCo, Chelsea Green explained that she believes a WWE higher-up did not like Green’s special entrance and put a stop to it but the fans may have forced a rethink:

I don’t know fully where that came from (Samantha Irvin no longer doing her special introduction). But I do know Samantha was told not to say it. Now that only lasted, I mean, maybe three weeks? A month?

My gut tells me that someone high up thought, let’s not make a big scene over all of the entrances. We’re just trying to announce them, we’re trying to have the announcers play their role and things like that, and then, I think, my gut tells me that social media maybe got in someone’s ear and people realized how much they love to hear — the fans love to hear my announcement and honestly, I was so sad to see it go and I felt like a little part of me on my entrance was lost so for me, I did go and I did ask and verbalized, ‘Hey, I love my announcement. I really don’t want it to go anywhere.’

But of course, at the end of the day, I just have to let it be because I’m still going out there to the ring, I’m still doing my job, I’m still wrestling, you know? I said what I had to say and I left it and then three weeks later, after the internet kind of went up in flames over it, it came back and all I have to say is thank you Twitter. For once in my career, thank you Twitter.

There have been many changes in WWE presentation in recent weeks after former executive producer Kevin Dunn quit the company after 40 years. Whether or not Dunn was the one who put a stop to Green’s special introduction in the first place remains unknown.

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