WWE Has Plans For Raw Tag Team Wrestler As Singles Star

WWE monday night Raw set

A surprising name has been getting more screen time as a singles wrestler on the WWE Raw brand.

The WWE tag team known as the Viking Raiders consists of Ivar and Erik, who are joined by Valhalla (formerly Sarah Logan), who is Erik’s wife. The team have been heels for more than a year now, but lately, Ivar has been all alone.

Ivar has been alone because Erik has been out of action since mid-September with an injury. Apparently, the injury is pretty serious and will keep Erik sidelined for about six months.

Since Erik is injured, WWE has decided to focus on Ivar as a singles star on Raw. On the September 18th edition of Raw, Ivar had a tremendous singles match with former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston of The New Day. Kofi managed to win, but Ivar came close several times during the match.

This past Monday on Raw, Xavier Woods beat Ivar with an inside cradle. Even though he lost, Ivar got the upper hand after the match and hit both of The New Day guys with a moonsault off the top as the 300+ pounder Ivar showed off his athleticism.

WWE plans to push Ivar as a singles wrestler

Even though Ivar lost those two matches on Raw to The New Day guys, Dave Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE wants to use Ivar more as a singles wrestler.

“The decision was made because Ray Rowe is out after surgery, said to be for at least six months, is to push Ivar as a singles player. In the past when one member of a tag team that’s usually an exclusive team gets hurt, they’ve just not used the other much.”

As for what’s next, WWE has advertised another Ivar match with Kofi Kingston on Monday’s Raw. This time it will be a Viking Rules Match.