WWE Has Main Roster Plans For NXT Tag Team

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A current NXT tag team is expected to have a run on the WWE main roster, according to a new report.

Over the last two weeks on WWE NXT television, the cousin tag team of Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo have been featured in some vignettes focused on telling the story of their family legacy.

The segments involving Garza & Carrillo have seen them in their homes separately sending eachother text messages about how they had to get on the same page again for their family legacy.

This week’s episode of NXT featured a video of their late grandfather Humberto Garza Sr. telling his grandsons Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza that they are still a family. Humberto said no more games, no more distractions and a new beginning together.

Humberto Garza Sr. passed away in October 2022, so it was shot in a way where it was like he was sending them a message from heaven.

WWE Has Plans For NXT’s Garza & Carrillo On Main Roster

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE’s plan is to make Angel & Humberto a babyface tag team and get them back on the main roster.

“Carrillo & Garza right now are in NXT but there is a long-term main roster idea for them as a babyface tag team. The idea using their grandfather (as opposed to Hector Garza, Angel’s father, who was actually the biggest star in the family) to establish them as authentic Mexican babyfaces with the idea their grandfather was a superstar.”

Prior to their recent run in NXT that didn’t lead to a lot of success, Angel & Humberto were known as Los Lotharios. However, that was more when Vince McMahon was running the show. Over the last year with Triple H in charge, they have cut back on that sort of “lothario” gimmick and been a more serious tag team.