WWE Hall Of Famer Blasts The Use Of German Suplexes In Pro Wrestling

WWE Hall of Fame 2021

There is a WWE Hall of Famer that doesn’t like seeing the heavy use of German Suplexes in pro wrestling matches.

Pro wrestling matches have featured suplexes for decades. There are all different kinds of them with the vertical suplex being the most popular among them.

A German Suplex is also a fairly popular move in pro wrestling, especially over the last 20 years. It’s a move where a wrestler stands behind their opponent with their hands around the waist and tosses them backward so that the opponent lands on their upper back. Sometimes they even land on their neck, which is not a good thing.

Some of the biggest names in pro wrestling history have used German Suplexes heavily such as Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar. In Lesnar’s case, his propensity for throwing suplexes led to the “Suplex City” phrase being used for most of the last decade. Other current wrestlers like Chad Gable and GUNTHER use a variety of different suplexes as well.

One man that doesn’t like the use of German Suplexes is two-time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, who used a Powerbomb as his finishing move, but he didn’t do German Suplexes in matches.

During a recent episode of his Kliq This podcast, the former WWE and WCW World Champion expressed his displeasure with the German Suplex.

“Show me the numbers of broken necks before the German Suplex became a f***ing staple in professional wrestling. I don’t remember any.”

“Because it’s not necessarily the one, it’s like f***ing CTE. It’s the onslaught. It’s the f***ing 10 years … And then finally, you bend over to pick up a lightbulb and you’re paralyzed.”

Kevin Nash isn’t the only WWE Hall of Famer to hate German Suplex in pro wrestling. Mick Foley, who is known as one of the toughest pro wrestlers ever, has also spoken about how he didn’t like taking German Suplexes in his career.

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