WWE Hall Of Famer Says Zero Chance Of Royal Rumble Spot

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WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman claims that despite the rumours, he won’t be in the men’s Royal Rumble…but then he would say that wouldn’t he?

The Royal Rumble is just around the corner in WWE and that means it’s time for fans to fantasy book any surprise entrants for the two Rumble matches. In 2023, Booker T made a surprise appearance in the men’s match while Chelsea Green and Nia Jax made their shock returns to WWE in the women’s match.

Now Sean Waltman – best known to WWE fans as X-Pac – has taken to social media to claim that he won’t be part of the 2024 men’s Rumble match:

I can still go at the drop of hat, at least for a few minutes. I can do all my kicks, except the one in the corner & I can do that again with a few weeks training. I’m at least month away from taking my shirt off in public, so zero chance I’ll be in the Rumble.

When Did Sean Waltman Last Wrestle In WWE?

Waltman’s WWE career began in 1993 as The Lightning Kid, The Kamikaze Kid, The Cannonball Kid, and The Kid before becoming the 1-2-3 Kid following his shock win over Razor Ramon on the 17th of May 1993 edition of Raw.

Waltman left the company in 1996 to head to WCW but returned as X-Pac in 1998 when he joined Triple H, Chyna, and The New Age Outlaws in the revamped D-Generation X. Waltman had his last match in WWE in 2002 as part of the revived nWo. Waltman is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, being inducted as part of both landmark factions.