WWE Hall Of Famer Knew He Wasn’t Great In The Ring

The Great Khali and The Undertaker, blurred WWE logo

One WWE Hall of Famer knew they weren’t a great wrestler.

Upon arriving on the main roster, The Great Khali began a rivalry with The Undertaker which saw the creation of the Punjabi Prison Match. Although it was eventually the Deadman who emerged on top, Khali went on to feud with some of the biggest names in WWE before eventually sliding down the card.

Appearing on the What Happened When podcast, Hornswoggle — who worked alongside Khali said the Indian star was well aware he wasn’t great in the ring. Not that it mattered because he was taking home a hefty paycheque.

“Deep down, he knew he wasn’t great, but he knew he was making a tonne of money, so he was very happy to be there.”

When Was The Great Khali Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame?

The Great Khali’s full-time career came to an end in 2014 along with his WWE contract. However, the star has continued to make occasional appearances, wrestling his last match in 2018.

Khali was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2021.

H/t to Wrestling Inc