WWE Hall Of Famer Wants Title On The Line In Mick Foley’s Final Match

Mick Foley WWE

One WWE Hall of Famer took particular notice when Mick Foley said that he wanted to have one final match before hanging up his boots – and sock – for good.

Mick Foley raised eyebrows when he revealed he wanted one final match with his sixtieth birthday just around the corner. As the Hardcore Legend, it should come as no surprise that Foley floated the idea of a gory death match to be his swansong and as a result admitted that it would not happen in WWE.

While many fans and wrestling stars themselves speculated on a suitable final opponent for Foley, one fellow WWE Hall of Famer thinks they fit the bill.

Speaking on his 1 Of A Kind podcast, Rob Van Dam discussed seeing that Mick Foley wanted to compete one last time and as kings of hardcore that have never faced off, he thinks he’d be a fitting final opponent:

I think I saw the headline, you know, something like that, and heard a little inside chatter on it. My first thought was, ‘Dude, that should be me.’ That’d be a huge draw because we have never wrestled each other and we’re both kings of hardcore.

Rob Van Dam Wants WWE Hardcore Title

Despite being the last man to hold the Hardcore Title in WWE, Rob Van Dam does not have that belt, it was given to the first holder who just so happens to be Mick Foley. So a match between the two icons with that title on the line is something Rob Van Dam would like to be a part of:

Did they give me the Hardcore Title? Do I have that hanging in my Rob Van Dam room of outstanding f***ing accomplishments and memorabilia? No. You know who has that Hardcore Championship? Mick Foley. So deep inside, there’s a little bit of resentment on my behalf. Not resentment, but I would like to have it.

Rob Van Dam’s most recent match saw him back in an AEW ring where he was Hangman Adam Page’s handpicked opponent for Swerve Strickland. However, Page’s plan backfired as Strickland picked up the win over the former WWE Champion.

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