WWE Hall Of Famer Confirms They’ll Be At WrestleMania 39

wwe wrestlemania 39 sign

As WrestleMania grows ever closer, one WWE Hall of Famer has confirmed they will be in attendance at the show in Los Angeles, California.

Rumours have swirled for months now as to which WWE icons and legends could be a part of WrestleMania 39 in April. The Rock had long been discussed for the event as a possible opponent for Roman Reigns but that now looks to be off the cards while it also looks unlikely that Steve Austin will be on the show as well.

One WWE Hall of Famer will at least be in attendance at WrestleMania with Kurt Angle confirming on The Kurt Angle Show that for the first time in a while he will be in attendance for WWE’s showpiece event:

“Right now, my flight plans leave Sunday morning. I’ll watch the first half of WrestleMania. I might stay and extend my flight to the next day, but I want to watch Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes because I believe he’s going to win the title.”

“I’m doing an appearance for WrestleCon. I believe I’m going to do some stuff for WWE as well. I plan on going to WrestleMania for one day. I’m really excited about it. This is the first WrestleMania I’ve gone to in a while.”

If Kurt Angle wants to see Reigns and Rhodes face off, he may well have to extend his stay as Roman Reigns matches have headlined the last two WrestleManias on Sunday night.

h/t WrestlingNews.Co