WWE Hall Of Famer Thinks The Rock’s Return Is A Huge Win

the rock wwe raw day 1 promo

There’s been plenty of plaudits for The Rock’s WWE return, but one man who knows the system well has taken a look at what the route to a match with Roman Reigns could be.

It was on the Day One edition of Monday Night Raw when The Rock made his return to WWE. Although these appearances have been sporadic over recent years and usually contained to just a single night rather than extended run, there was a hint that there may be more to come when he noted he’d like to sit at ‘The Head Of The Table’.

The rumor mill straight away started that his next match could be against Roman Reigns, with WrestleMania 40 a likely destination.

In a discussion on his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross commented on how big a get it is to have The Rock back.

I’m a fan. I signed The Rock. I was involved in his career since day one. Any time you get The Rock, you get some time from The Rock, that’s a win. Now, how they get to the end result, the end result has gotta be WrestleMania, obviously. Doesn’t take a strategist to figure that one out. But we’ll see how it works out.

Could The Great One Compete At Elimination Chamber?

Continuing on, Jim Ross also noted that WWE could potentially look to get ‘The Great One’ in to the Elimination Chamber to set up the contest with Reigns, however getting him in for two matches could prove difficult.

There’s gonna be another piece to the journey. There’s gotta be another stop-off, and winning the Elimination Chamber is one way to do it, man. But can you get another match? That means two matches out of The Rock, and is that going to happen? Time will tell, but like I said, getting him to commit to certain times is a win without question.

Jinder Mahal has recently discussed appearing alongside The Rock on Raw, where he was teased as the former champion returning.

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