WWE Hall Of Famer Tells Tony Khan How To Handle Locker Room Issues

Tony Khan AEW

One WWE Hall of Famer has offered some advice to Tony Khan on solving AEW’s locker room problems.

Over the past few years, AEW has had its fair share of unrest in the locker room, not least when it came to the issues surrounding The Elite and CM Punk which eventually led to Punk being fired from the company and signing with WWE.

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, who has been part of many locker rooms during his storied career, gave his thoughts on Khan’s leadership during the latest edition of Busted Open Radio. Ray noted that Khan hasn’t had the opportunity to learn from other promoters, so he’s picking it up as goes.

“Tony Khan never sat under a learning tree like all of the other great promoters of the past. In my opinion, Tony Khan is not a booker. He’s a matchmaker. There’s a huge difference.”

Bully Ray Explains How Tony Khan Can Learn From ECW Locker Room

Bully Ray went on to explain that when he was in ECW, the locker room essentially policed itself, but if there was a problem, Paul Heyman would step in to sort it himself.

“I only bring ECW up when I absolutely need to. You are talking about volatile personalities in that locker room. Guys that would — I can’t even put into words how they would rip your throat out — that got along so well.

“Why? Because we respected our boss and our boss’s vision. And if there was ever a problem in that locker room, the boys would police themselves. And if the boys didn’t police themselves, Paul [Heyman] would step in and squash it immediately.”

Ray went further, saying that every successful locker room he’s been part of has been led by a promoter respected by the wrestlers, something he feels isn’t the case in AEW. He then expressed his hope that Khan will learn from recent events and get a better grip on things.

“I do hope Tony could learn from this. Because if Tony can learn from this, then he will have a better grasp of his locker room, and maybe all the outside issues and problems won’t be affecting the perception of the company.”

Tony Khan and AEW could be facing one of their biggest challenges yet as Warner Brothers Discovery is reportedly back in the market for WWE Raw.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.