WWE Hall Of Famer Reveals Steve Austin Named Their Finisher

Steve Austin with a dog

A WWE Hall of Famer has revealed that it was Stone Cold Steve Austin who named their iconic finishing move.

JBL recently returned to WWE screens as the manager of Baron Corbin on Monday Night Raw. The ‘Wrestling God’ had previously built a great career in WWE, finding tag team success before going on to become WWE Champion before transitioning successfully to the commentary desk in the company.

Throughout his career, the Texan picked up victory after victory with his patented Clothesline From Hell that appeared to smash through his opponents. Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, JBL revealed that the very apt name for his version of a lariat came from Stone Cold Steve Austin:

“By the way, Stone Cold is the one that named the Clothesline From Hell. You can’t name your own move. You can’t give yourself a nickname. Yeah, Stone Cold…I hit somebody with a Clothesline one time in Europe, and I come back, Stone Cold said, ‘that’s not a Clothesline, that is a Clothesline From Hell,’ and it stuck from that point forward.”

JBL does not have supporters in everyone with Ric Flair recently taking the former WWE Champion to task for his supposed backstage bullying.