WWE Hall Of Famer States “Hulk Hogan Took Care Of Hulk Hogan”

Hulk Hogan WWE

WWE Hall Of Famer Jeff Jarrett has praised Hulk Hogan for the handling of his own career in wrestling.

Six-time WWE Champion Hogan has long carried a reputation for ensuring his interests were put first when discussing business, something that Jarrett believes Hogan deserves praise for.

Speaking on a recent edition of his popular podcast My World with Jeff Jarrett, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion stated his belief that Hogan had no peer in the wrestling business when it came to protecting personal business interests:

“I’ve said it more in the last couple of years than ever when I really look back. Vince McMahon took care of Undertaker in a lot of ways, almost every way. Hulk Hogan took care of Hulk Hogan. He’s the best talent to steer his ship.

In the history of the business, I don’t think he has a peer. His track record speaks for itself. He’s not a booker. He’s not a promoter. He’s not an owner. No. He’s the very best at running the Hulk Hogan business.

I mean, look at his track record. It’s unbelievable. I’m giving him flowers here. Maybe in a huge way. I’m saying that every talent has to kind of have a certain degree of that. I think Lawler was fantastic. Lawler was part owner of the business. Look how far that got him.”

WWE Hall Of Famer Believes Hulk Hogan Deserves More In-Ring Credit

Jarrett is not the first WWE Hall Of Famer to praise Hulk Hogan in recent days. On a recent episode of his Everybody’s Got A Pod podcast, Ted Dibiase stated his belief that Hogan deserved more praise for his in-ring work over the years:

“I don’t think Hogan gets enough credit. People say, ‘Well, he really wasn’t a great wrestler.’ ‘Okay. He wasn’t a great wrestler in terms of hammerlocks and wristlocks and all this other stuff, leg sweeps, and what have you.

But what Hogan was very good at was understanding who his character was.”

H/T: Wrestling Headlines for the above transcription