WWE Hall Of Famer Signs New WWE Deal

The Godfather JBL Ron Simmons WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer best remembered for his Attitude Era run has revealed that they have signed yet another contract with the company.

Charles Wright has been a fixture in WWE since the early nineties with characters such as Papa Shango and The Supreme Fighting Machine Kama to his name. The star is best known, however, for his Attitude Era of The Godfather, a persona that saw him pick up the Intercontinental Championship. Despite not stepping in a WWE ring in anger in over a decade, The Godfather is still very much part of the family.

Speaking on the Universal Wrestling Podcast, The Godfather confirmed he’s been on a Legends deal with WWE since 2003 and recently signed yet another new deal:

“It’s no different for me, I’m friends with both [Vince McMahon and Triple H]. I think both treat me the same. They both know about all my smoking and craziness. They both know me … I’ve been on a Legends Contract since 2003 … and I just now signed another one for five years. So, I mean, that says something. I’ve been on the payroll since 2003. You know, it ain’t bad being The Godfather.”

The Godfather was last part of a WWE match at the 2013 Royal Rumble when he was a surprise entrant. The star never got the chance to compete as his music kept playing throughout his entrance and exit in the match as he was eliminated in just five seconds.

h/t ewrestlingnews