WWE Hall Of Famer Scraps Plans For Last Match

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Mick Foley has called off his plan to have one last match.

Back in March, Mick Foley made the surprise announcement that he would have one more match to make his 60th birthday. Not only that, but the Hardcore Legend wanted to go out in the type of bout that launched his career, a deathmatch.

At the time, Foley explained that he was using the goal of having a final match as motivation to get himself into shape and ultimately be able to play with his future grandchildren rather than being “that guy sitting on the sidelines.”

Mick Foley Suffered Concussion He Was Not Aware Of

Unfortunately, after starting training, Foley suffered bouts of dizziness and lightheadedness that forced him to cancel scheduled appearances. Speaking in a new YouTube video, Foley said the symptoms pointed to a concussion he didn’t even know he had.

“As some of you know, I had to miss a couple weekends of appearances because of dizziness and lightheadedness. After consulting a couple of doctors and also using my own experience with concussions — the symptoms, they seem to point to a concussion that I did not even know I received. I hadn’t done too much in the ring, but I had done a little bit. I had noticed that I was lightheaded after one of the workouts, but I thought it would go away.

The WWE Hall Of Famer says the diagnosis has led him to decide another match wouldn’t be a smart thing to do.

“So it just seems like the wisest move, and one that’s strongly supported by my family, is to call off that final match. If I can get concussed from something I’m not even aware of, then some of the things that I was thinking of doing and hoping of doing in a big match would not be smart. So with my family’s urging, and after careful thought, I’ve decided there will be no final match. Thanks a lot for tuning in, and I hope you have a nice day.”

The decision means that Mick Foley’s last match was his entry into the 2012 Royal Rumble where he lasted just under two minutes before being eliminated by Cody Rhodes. Prior to that appearance, Foley had teamed with Terry Funk in a losing effort against Bob Orton and Roddy Piper at an indie event in August 2011. His last singles bout saw him defeat Ric Flair in a Last Man Standing Match on the Before The Glory TNA Impact special in October 2010.

H/T to F4WOnline for the above transcription.