WWE Hall Of Famer Reflects On Scrapped CM Punk Plans

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Back in 2011, CM Punk was about as beloved a star in WWE as any star could ever be as another Summer of Punk swept the wrestling world only for it to be derailed by someone very unexpected.

At Money In The Bank 2011, Punk famously captured the WWE Championship from John Cena and walked out of the company as Vince McMahon looked on devastated at ringside. Punk was soon back in the fold with the company and at SummerSlam he defeated Cena again to crown himself Undisputed WWE Champion but Kevin Nash had other ideas.

Nash attacked Punk which allowed Alberto Del Rio to cash in his Money In The Bank contract and capture the WWE Title for himself.

This led to Nash offering to show Punk the text messages on his telephone as the WWE Hall of Famer maintained he was just doing as asked by his old friend Triple H. However, Punk and Nash never ended up settling their issues in the ring because Nash failed a physical at the time. This led to Triple H and Punk facing at Night Of Champions in 2011 before Kevin Nash did return to the ring at TLC that same year but to face Triple H in a Sledgehammer Ladder match.

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Speaking on his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash reflected on any regrets from his career and noted that missing out on a match with CM Punk is one that stands out:

“I never got that match with Punk, I wish I had that.

“You know what, though? I’ve been blessed, man. I went out for 8 or 9 years of my life and was across a Hall of Famer almost every night, so I don’t have too many [regrets].”

CM Punk will renew an old rivalry and face an old partner of Nash’s when he faces Samoa Joe in the semi-finals of the men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

h/t Wrestling Inc.