WWE Hall Of Famer Reveals Which Tag Team Beat Up Matt Damon

WWE Hall Of Famer Reveals Which Tag Team Beat Up Matt Damon

WWE Hall of Famer Stevie Ray shared a captivating tale involving Hollywood actor Matt Damon and former WWE Tag Team Champions, The Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs, and Jeremy Sags. Recalling a memorable night from the early nineties, Stevie Ray recounted an encounter with Damon, who was working as a bartender at a hotel lobby bar where wrestlers had gathered.

We’re staying at the Holiday Inn. We just got done wrestling. It’s me, Haku, Nasty Boys. We’re waiting in the lobby and we’re going to hit some of the college clubs. I come downstairs and there’s a guy working behind the bar. I remember Knobbs saying ‘Hey Stevie, do you know this guy?’ Guess who it was, Matt Damon.

Describing the scene on his podcast, Stand Up for Greatness, Stevie Ray detailed how the presence of Damon sparked a peculiar reaction from The Nasty Boys. Mistaking Damon for his antagonist role in the film School Ties, the duo seemed to blur the lines between fiction and reality, leading to a bizarre altercation. According to Stevie Ray’s account, The Nasty Boys, fuelled by their perception of Damon as a movie villain, confronted him aggressively. Brian Knobbs delivered a powerful blow to Damon’s chest, reminiscent of a boxing champion, causing Damon to double over in pain. Jeremy Sags followed suit, further escalating the situation.

It’s only a movie but Sags and Knobbs are taking it for real, We’re marking out and then Knobbs and Sags are like ‘this son of a b**ch’ and (Knobbs) hits him in the f**king chest. He hits him like Larry Holmes. The kid buckles over. Sags hit him too.

Reflecting on the incident, Stevie Ray expressed his disbelief at The Nasty Boys’ intense reaction to Damon’s presence. He also recalled engaging in a playful debate with Damon about the acting prowess of Morgan Freeman and Wesley Snipes, adding a humorous twist to the evening’s events.

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