WWE Hall Of Famer Recounts Hilarious Hotel Room Mishap

WWE Hall Of Famer Recounts Hilarious Hotel Room Mishap

Glenn Jacobs, better known as “Kane” in WWE, shared a humorous mishap involving a mistaken hotel room entry that left an elderly couple startled.

Describing a chaotic rush to leave the arena after a WWE show, Kane, during an interview for Robert Cabrio’s book “Are We There Yet? Tales from the Never-Ending Travels of WWE Superstars,” recounted how he hastily threw on his workout attire, complete with his ring makeup, in a bid to beat the traffic and reach the hotel quickly. Unaware of his unconventional appearance, he arrived at the hotel lobby to bewildered looks from onlookers.

I knew I wanted to beat the fans out of the arena so I wouldn’t sit in traffic for an hour; these few minutes were my only hope. I ran back to the locker room and didn’t shower or anything I just threw on my workout stuff from that afternoon—shorts, a tank top, sneakers. I didn’t even put on socks. As I’m sprinting to the car, I realised I still had my makeup on, too. I didn’t care the only thing on my mind was getting out of that arena parking lot and to the hotel immediately.

The situation took a comedic turn when Kane mistakenly entered the wrong hotel room, startling an elderly couple.

I checked in, walked up to the room, ripped open the door, threw my bag in, and then noticed an old couple sitting on the bed.

Kane recounted. The couple, unable to comprehend the situation, reacted with understandable shock and confusion, prompting screams in a language Kane couldn’t understand.

I had no idea where they came from; they started screaming at me in some foreign language I couldn’t understand. I just… I mean … I had already put in a really long day, so I just sort of stared at them, cussing under my breath. Not at them. But at the situation. They’re screaming, just terrified. They both jumped up on the bed and were now like hugging each other as if they were saying goodbye or something.

Reflecting on the absurdity of the situation, Kane clarified that his exasperation was directed not at the couple but at the unexpected predicament. The hotel staff, recognising the misunderstanding, promptly extended apologies to the couple and offered compensation for the distress caused.

Kane humorously recounted the incident, acknowledging the understandable alarm caused by his imposing presence combined with his unconventional appearance.

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