WWE Hall Of Famer Recounts Bar Brawl With Haku, Rick Rude, And Curt Hennig

WWE Hall Of Famer Recounts Bar Brawl With Haku, Rick Rude, And Curt Hennig

WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner spoke about the time he was involved in a bar fight with Haku, Rick Rude, and Curt Hennig and also offered insights into the toughest competitors he encountered during his illustrious career.

In an interview with Hannibal TV, Rick Steiner regaled viewers with a gripping tale from a fateful night in St. Louis, where tensions flared and fists flew in a barroom clash. Recounting the scene with vivid detail, Steiner described a confrontation involving himself, alongside wrestling luminaries such as Haku and fellow WWE Hall of Famers Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, and a group of unruly Marines. As the night wore on, verbal sparring escalated into physical confrontation when the Marines targeted Haku, mistakenly assuming him to be of a different ethnicity. Steiner’s warning fell on deaf ears, and chaos ensued, with blows exchanged and bodies hitting the floor in rapid succession.

We were sitting in a bar, me and Curt Hennig, St. Louis and these Marines come in and they were drinking and by the end of the night, one of them comes over and says ‘What are you guys hanging out with’ [Haku]. He thought he was black. I said ‘He ain’t black and if I was you I wouldn’t.’ He said ‘Well we’re Marines and we’ll do whatever the hell we want.’ And I said ‘Not tonight, it’s gonna be a bad night if you guys do something to him.’ It just kept going worse downhill, downhill, and finally, a couple went over and started messing with Haku and it was a freaking kick, kick, and up in the throat.

In the heat of the moment, Steiner, Hennig, and Rude swiftly quelled the disturbance, their combined might putting an abrupt end to the skirmish before it spiralled further out of control.

Then four or five of them were lying and the rest of them were looking, it was me, Curt, and Rude, and Rude took a couple of guys out and it was over before it even got started.

Beyond the St. Louis showdown, Steiner delved into his roster of wrestling’s toughest individuals, citing the likes of Haku, Hawk, Dr. Death, and Bart Gunn among the elite echelon of formidable adversaries. Of particular note was Gunn’s reputation for knockout power, his southpaw strikes leaving opponents laid out cold and cementing his status as a force to be reckoned with.

I would say Haku, you got Hawk, Dr. Death, and even Bart Gunn. He was a lefty, heavy-hand man, he knocked some guys out cold.

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