WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls Finding Chyna “So Attractive” When They First Met

WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls Finding Chyna

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recounted his memorable first encounter with Chyna before she joined WWE as DX’s female bodyguard.

In an interview with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes during a Q&A tour in January 2018, Michaels reflected on the significant impact Chyna had on DX and the striking impression she left on him when they first met.

Michaels underscored Chyna’s essential contribution to DX, stating:

If she’s not there it’s just another bunch of dudes with a manager. DX doesn’t have the impact it had coming out of the gates if she’s not a part of it.

Recalling his initial meeting with Chyna, Michaels described his reaction to her imposing presence.

She had jet-black hair, she’s like 6’2, she’s got the delts out, the guns are out and we’re going ‘Oh my god.’ Say what you want about how Chyna looked when she first came in, but there was something unbelievably sexy about her.

Michaels candidly shared, illustrating the captivating aura Chyna brought with her. Further elaborating on Chyna’s unique charm, Michaels said:

She was so attractive but so unbelievably different.

This distinction set her apart and made a lasting impression on Michaels and his colleagues. During an evening of engaging in conversation with Chyna, Michaels and his fellow wrestlers recognised her potential as their female bodyguard. They saw the groundbreaking nature of such a role in the wrestling world, solidifying Chyna’s place in WWE history.

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