WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls “Amazing” Hell in A Cell Spot They Hope Is Never Repeated

WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls

Eric Bischoff revisited a pivotal moment in WWE history: Mick Foley’s breathtaking fall from the top of the Hell in a Cell structure at WWE King of the Ring 1998.

This legendary event, orchestrated by The Undertaker, saw Foley crash through the Spanish announcer’s table, leaving a lasting impression on wrestling fans worldwide.

In an episode of his podcast, “83 Weeks,” Bischoff described the incident as “amazing” but also expressed deep concern for the safety of wrestlers. He emphasised the need to avoid replicating such dangerous stunts in the future.

Well, really amazing moment in professional wrestling.

Bischoff remarked.

One that I pray we don’t see duplicated again. I don’t think we see any more of this. Let Mick Foley have this moment. Let’s not try to out ‘Mick Foley’ Mick Foley. It’s not going to be able to achieve, number one, and it’s too risky. But this was an amazing moment in professional wrestling, and I can see why people still talk about it to this day.

Bischoff’s comments highlight a dual perspective: admiration for the sheer audacity and spectacle of Foley’s performance and a sincere concern for the health and safety of performers in the wrestling industry.

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