WWE Hall Of Famer Pays Glowing Tribute To Kevin Dunn

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WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has waxed lyrical about Kevin Dunn following the Executive Producer’s surprise exit from WWE.

The wrestling world was stunned when news broke that Kevin Dunn had quit WWE after almost forty years with the company. Dunn was hired by Vince McMahon in 1984 as their fathers had worked together and eventually, Dunn rose through the ranks to become WWE’s Executive Vice President, Television Production – a role he held for twenty years.

Dunn had been a polarising figure to wrestling fans over the years, with loud criticism heard over his number of camera cuts during WWE shows. Dunn had also felt some of the blame over some wrestlers not being pushed due to his opinion of them.

Booker T Says Kevin Dunn Was Always In His Corner In WWE

Speaking on his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T had nothing but praise for Dunn, however, and said Dunn was never anything but all business:

Kevin was always in my corner. I worked with that guy for many many years. He was always business, always stern about his business more than anything. He always ran the show very professional. Made everybody look good in so many different ways, from the vignettes and stuff that he produced over the years. I just want to say thank you to Kevin Dunn for all the years of excellence that I had chance to work with him.

Booker then joked that he had one regret from working with Dunn and that came after Dunn told the star that WWE would buy his own promotion:

I only have one regret, almost 20 years ago, 2005, when I opened my wrestling school. Kevin Dunn and the crew came down to check it out and told me, ‘Booker, you get the thing big enough and we’ll buy it.’ Damnit! Damnit! [Laughs]. It’s big enough! I just want to thank Kevin Dunn for all the hard work.

Kevin Dunn’s replacement is already in place with WWE hiring a new Head of Media and Production which has caused some dismay.

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