WWE Hall Of Famer Raves About Paul Heyman’s Raw Promo

Paul Heyman Cody Rhodes

A WWE Hall of Famer has waxed lyrical about Paul Heyman’s recent encounter with Cody Rhodes, calling it their favourite thing Heyman has done in his career.

On Monday Night Raw in Orlando, Florida Paul Heyman came face-to-face with Cody Rhodes as The American Nightmare picks up the pace on his Road to WrestleMania where he is due to face Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship – if Reigns can survive the challenge of Sami Zayn at the Elimination Chamber.

Rhodes and Heyman got personal in a hurry with Paul Heyman reduced to tears as he discussed his legendary father The American Dream Dusty Rhodes. After a momentary loss of words, Heyman dropped a bomb on Rhodes when he said Dusty had told him that Cody was his favourite son but Roman Reigns was the son The Dream always wanted.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio on the day after Raw, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray suggested Heyman’s promo with Rhodes was as good as anything Heyman has done during his long career:

“Last night and this is gonna be strong, of anything I’ve ever seen Paul Heyman do, whether that was with The Dangerous Alliance back in the day, whether that was ECW, whether that was him and Brock [Lesnar], him and [CM] Punk, him and Roman, that was my favourite piece of business I’ve ever seen Paul Heyman do last night.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.