WWE Hall Of Famer Open To More AEW Matches

WWE Hall of Fame WrestleMania 39

A WWE Hall of Famer has a “good feeling” about AEW.

On August 2nd, Rob Van Dam made a surprise appearance on AEW Dynamite as Jack Perry waged war on Jerry Lynn and other ECW legends. On the following episode, RVD challenged Perry for the FTW Title.

Since then, Van Dam has continued to make occasional appearances, most recently teaming with Hook to defeat the Dark Order on October 25th.

The match marked the second time Van Dam has teamed with Hook, hinting that their partnership could evolve into something more medium-long term.

Speaking on his 1 of a Kind podcast, RVD said he was open to making more appearances in AEW, commenting that his team with Hook gives more of a reason for him to be there.

“Of course [being open to more AEW appearances]. Everyone’s super cool there. And now that I got a little bit of a situation as far as teaming up with Hook, I feel like there’s more reason than ever to have me there. So I feel good about that, you know, as opposed to I don’t expect to ever hear from them again.”

Van Dam went on to discuss a potential name for their team, recalling one impressive suggestion from a social media user.

“Man, I almost wish I looked this up to give the guy credit. I’m stealing it and it’s so good. I would actually probably want to use it. And anyway, so I had people on social media threw out some ideas and stuff, and the one that I f**king loved and that stuck with me. Are you ready for it? Tag team name, RVD and Hook. Ready? Smoke and Choke. Thanks, random anonymous suggester.”

Rob Van Dam Named As First Post-WWE Opponent For Matt Riddle

Although he seemingly wound down his in-ring career in 2020, RVD has wrestled more regularly in 2022 and 2023. The veteran also seems set to remain busy into 2024.

It’s been announced that Rob Van Dam will wrestle Matt Riddle on March 9th. The match is scheduled to be Riddle’s first since being released by WWE back in September.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co