WWE Hall Of Famer On Hulk Hogan’s Injury Prior to WrestleMania 9

Hulk Hogan

Once upon a time, the legendary Hulk Hogan had a black eye, and he had it at WrestleMania 9. Recently, WWE legend Brutus Beefcake revealed the story behind the injury.

After taking out Yokozuna, Hulk Hogan would close things out for the WrestleMania by taking home the WWE Championship. With the “wrestling purist” fan base, the bout is infamous for angering them, who were previously zoned in on Yokokuza taking the belt away from Bret Hart just moments prior.

With the closing of WrestleMania 9 being so memorable, Brutus Beefcake spoke about what happened at the event, particularly with the black eye of Hogan Hogan. Recent partaking in an interview with WSI – Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Beefcake was questioned about Hulk Hogan and his injury, which he claims he’s a witness to. Brutus put a spotlight on how he actually got it, saying he was from a speedboating accident.

“I told him [Hogan] do not stand up on it, because you won’t be able to control it. So, we’re out there, next thing you know he’s standing up, and big wave hits him, and it actually just throws the wave runner into the air and it spins around, and the waverunner itself cracked him in the skull.”