WWE Hall Of Famer Is The “Most Hated Person In Wrestling”

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WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella has expressed her dismay at the hate she receives and thinks she’s the “most hated person online” in the wrestling business.

Nikki Bella and her sister Brie have long been polarising figures among wrestling fans with some lauding them for their passion while others feel they were the epitome of the often lambasted ‘Divas Era’ in WWE.

Speaking on the Bellas Podcast, Nikki Bella spoke candidly about the hate she receives and says no matter what she does, she’ll receive hostility for it:

“Even when it comes to the wrestling industry, I’m the most hated person online. There was literally an article written about it two weeks ago. It is true, I’m the most hated person in the wrestling industry, and it’s so mind-blowing because I’m probably one of the nicest. Beyond that, I am hated for being so misunderstood. If I stick up for the women, I’m hated. If I stick up for myself, I’m hated.”

“The thing that has always been mind-blowing is, I’ve never claimed to be the best wrestler. For some reason, me wrestling and showing passion and love, they hate me for it. It’s like I’m not allowed to be passionate or have love for it. In every industry, there’s an MVP, there’s a champ, there’s the best. In ours, you don’t have to be the best wrestler to be the most popular.”

“I think a lot of people didn’t like my popularity. We get dragged for a lot of stuff. Why should my passion and love be taken away or why should I be hated for it? I love the business so much and I loved being in the ring so much. I never claimed to be the best, and people dragged me as if I’m out there saying, ‘no one can beat me.’ Yes, I am the longest-reigning Divas Champion in history, that’ll never change. It’s not like we were in the Olympics and I got there and won it.”

Nikki Bella continued by discussing her recent comments on Raw 30 and says she has risked her life for the wrestling business after suffering a broken neck:

“There is so much more that goes into being a WWE Champion, there are so many components that go into it. It’s really crazy because the wrestling industry absolutely hates me online. Not all of them. Obviously, the Bella Army is so strong. We’re talking about 10% out of 100. I also feel like I’m misunderstood. They read headlines, they don’t listen to me fully.”

“When we were on IG Live and Raw 30 came up, I was on IG Live for a good 20-30 minutes talking about Barmageddon season finale, and questions came in about Raw 30. That was about three minutes of a 20-minute IG Live, but people cut things down and made it as if I went on IG Live to talk about that.”

“It’s interesting because, it’s mind-blowing to me because I see all the hate, and it’s really hard, because I love this business so much. I broke my neck in this business, and other bones, but I came back, I’ve risked my life, I’ve risked so many things because of how much I love it. It’s hard when you’re so hated for something. I’m always confused of like, why, what have I ever done? Being successful, literally, that’s it, because I’m successful…I’ve never turned my back on the wrestling industry.”

“The more success I’ve had, I’ve always tried to bring more awareness to women’s wrestling, and empower more women, what can my success do for others? There are a lot of people that see that, and write articles about that too, which I’m so appreciative of the people that stick up for you [Brie] and I, and have written amazing articles about us and showcase that is truly incredible.”

“That small group, it’s a really distinct demo, and it is mind-blowing. I also think, the people that do hate, they are the ones that are afraid to not go with the flow. They’re afraid that trolls are going to turn on them. There is a bandwagon of Bella hate.”

h/t Fightful