WWE Hall Of Famer Calls On MJF To Take Less Chances

mjf aew injured

A veteran believes MJF and others need to think carefully about their in-ring style.

While modern wrestling sees in-ring barriers being pushed further and further, some feel things have already gone too far.

Speaking in an interview with Bill Apter for Sportskeeda WrestleBinge, Arn Anderson called on MJF and others to take fewer chances in the ring. Anderson, who works as a coach in AEW, suggested the former World Champion has unlimited potential, but he might have to wrestle in a safer style to have significant longevity.

“I think MJF is unlimited in what he can achieve in this business, as long as…you gotta take less chances in this business than a lot of these guys take,” Arn Anderson said. “I’ve seen him do things that, were they spectacular? Yes. Were they athletic? Were they incredible? Yes. But did they particularly need it?

I’m using him as an example, but it’s kind of across the board. You just don’t beat your body up. You only got one, to the point that, before you know it, you’ve had a brilliant five-year career.”

“No Timetable” For MJF Return

The Salt of The Earth hasn’t wrestled since being defeated by Samoa Joe at Worlds End in December 2023. Furthermore, it seems he won’t be back in the ring any time soon.

It was recently reported that MJF suffered a setback that saw him undergo surgery on his left shoulder. There had been hopes the star could be back in the ring in March, but the severity of the injury quickly made that impossible. At present there’s no timetable for MJF’s return.

H/t to Wrestle Zone