WWE Hall Of Famer “Didn’t Particularly Care” For Jerry Lawler’s Insults

WWE Jerry Lawler

A WWE Hall of Famer has commented on Jerry Lawler’s announce table insults during their in-ring career and says they “didn’t particularly care” for them.

The Attitude Era in WWE was very much a different time. Things that made TV in the late nineties would have people hauled across hot coals in this day and age. One of those who enjoyed pushing the boundaries each week from the commentary table was Jerry Lawler.

Lawler’s quips and barbed remarks were as much of the soundtrack of Raw in the late nineties as was Jim Ross’ passionate calls. One WWE Superstar who found themselves on the receiving end of some of Lawler’s crueler remarks was WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly.

Holly was targeted by Lawler for her sanctimonious and self-righteous character as she railed against the worst excesses of the ‘diva’ culture portrayed on television.

Speaking on a Highspot Sign It Live, Molly Holly discussed Jerry Lawler’s unkind remarks about her appearance but says she never held it against The King:

“I have always liked Jerry and I knew that he had a job to do and he did his job well. I didn’t particularly care of the things he said, but I never held that against him personally.”

“His job was to entertain the demographic that was watching the show and at the time, that was all culturally acceptable and funny. No problems with it even though I would have rather they talk about my athleticism. It was what it was for the time.”

Molly Holly held the WWE Women’s Championship twice during her career and famously had her head shaved after failing to dethrone Victoria for the gold at WrestleMania 20.

h/t Fightful