WWE Hall Of Famer Is “Walking Heat”

WWE Hall of Fame logo over roster

A wrestling veteran thinks one WWE Hall of Famer will have no trouble in his new role in the company due to them being “walking heat.”

JBL has returned to WWE screens in recent weeks as the manager of Baron Corbin on Raw. Since the former WWE Champion paired up with Corbin, the star has picked up wins over the likes of Dolph Ziggler and Johnny Gargano.

Speaking on Smack Talk, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell thinks JBL will excel in his new role given his penchant for being able to get heat from fans:

“I think Corbin and Bradshaw will have massive heat because they will pick at you and because Bradshaw is great at interviews. And he projects that ‘Ohh, I’m better than you, and I’m this, that, the other.’ He’s walking heat is what he is. He can walk into a room and get heat just looking at him, and you don’t even have to know him.”

“So, if you were sitting in a bar just for example, and all of a sudden, Bradshaw walks in, stands there, and just looks around the room. Well, he’s going to get your attention… if he just walked in and stood there and looked around like he’s surveying the crowd, about half that crowd would say, ‘What the hell is he looking for?’ And he’s got their attention right off. And then if he started talking, yeah, he’d have everybody’s attention.”

“I’m really looking forward to this pairing because I got 110 percent faith that Bradshaw will deliver big time.”

Ric Flair has recently had plenty to say about JBL, claiming that he has seen people melt down and cry due to JBL’s alleged bullying.

h/t Sportskeeda