WWE Hall Of Famer Holds Home Invader At Gun Point

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A WWE Hall of Famer has recounted the terrifying story of confronting a home intruder and having to hold them at gunpoint.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan began his wrestling career in 1979 and made a name for himself in Mid-South Wrestling for much of the 1980s, before arriving in Duggan WWE in 1987. Duggan achieved a lot of success during his time there, including being part of the first-ever Survivor Series and winning the first Royal Rumble Match.

Duggan left for WCW in 1994, where, at different times, he captured both the United States and World Television Championships. He returned to WWE in 2005 and had feuds with the likes of Eugene and Cody Rhodes.

Though he never quite reached the heights of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan was, for many, a bright light of their childhood. His uber-babyface persona and loveable personality made him a childhood hero of the Golden Era but unfortunately, life hasn’t been fair to him in later years.

In the last couple of years, Jim Duggan has fought the fight of his life as he has battled cancer twice. And now the former WWE favourite has detailed having to fend off a home intruder in a new interview with Wrestling Inc.

Duggan said that the break-in happened on December 8th at 6.45 in the evening and that a man in his mid-20s had entered Duggan’s South Carolina home through the front door.

‘Hacksaw’ added that he took the intruder down before getting his .44 caliber pistol and keeping the home invader at gunpoint. The intruder was said by Duggan to be “hysterically frightened” and that yelling from outside led them to believe that neigbours may have been searching for the man to potentially kill him. Duggan kept the man still until the police arrived to apprehend the suspect.