WWE Hall Of Famer Is Highest Earning Sports Star On Cameo

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One WWE Hall of Famer is not only Cameo’s highest earning pro wrestler, but the site’s highest earning athlete overall!

The advent of popular website Cameo has given fans the opportunity to hear directly from their favorite performers, paying a fee to receive personalized video messages. The site has become an important source of extra income for public figures of all types, and in some cases, the earnings are significant.

According to analysis performed by, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is not only the highest earning professional wrestler, but the highest earning sports figure of any type. At the time of the report, Foley was charging £105 ($125 US) per personalized video message on Cameo, and has earned an astonishing sum of £443,520 (well over $500,000) after receiving 4224 reviews.

Out of the top ten professional athletes listed by, professional wrestlers take up four spots. Second to Foley is fellow WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, followed by AEW stars Matt Hardy and Danhausen. Though fans may be surprised to see Danhausen’s name listed among stars with decades of experience in the wrestling business, the very nice, very evil one has garnered a huge social media following and has been successful on Cameo since well before signing with AEW.

The earnings of each of the wrestlers in the site’s top ten earners are listed below:

1. Mick Foley: £443,520 ($504,654)
4. Bret Hart: £178,920 ($203,657)
9. Matt Hardy: £79,488 ($90,478)
10. Danhausen: £75,696 ($86,161)

Overall, professional wrestlers have garnered 15,256 on the site since its inception, earning an eye-watering total of £1,111,712 ($1,264,950).