WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg Opens Up On Being Taken Advantage Of Early In His Career

WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg Opens Up On Being Taken Advantage Of Early In His Career

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg’s rise to the top of the wrestling world was not a product of his in-ring abilities but more so his commanding presence, intense persona, and the support of key industry figures. Reflecting on his early career, Goldberg acknowledged the steep learning curve he faced, especially during the inception of his famous “Streak” storyline in WCW.

In an interview on “Busted Open Radio,” Goldberg expressed his gratitude to several wrestling veterans who played crucial roles in his development.

I know who helped me on the way up, and I know who didn’t.

He specifically praised fellow WWE Hall of Famers the Steiner Brothers, Rick Rude, Curt Hennig, and other seasoned professionals who generously shared their expertise.

The Steiner Brothers helped me out exponentially. Rick Rude, Curt Hennig, everybody. The old-school guys, man. Meng, Barbarian. Bobby Eaton. I was fortunate enough to have an unbelievable group around me.

Reflecting on his early years, Goldberg discussed the importance of overcoming adversity and learning from experience. He admitted that his initial naivety led him to follow advice that wasn’t always in his best interest.

I was too giving a person at the beginning of my wrestling career because I believed everything that anybody told me that was in the business.

Goldberg emphasised the collective benefit of supporting the promotion’s top stars, noting that their success translates to success for everyone involved. However, he also noted that emotions and egos often get in the way of better judgment in the wrestling industry.

The more money I make as a top guy, the more money everybody makes and I can’t be that top guy if it wasn’t for the guys that helped me climb up that ladder. So it’s a simple equation, and unfortunately, emotions and egos and testosterone being thrown into it, you know what happens.

Which WWE Hall Of Famer Thinks Goldberg Is One Of The Most Influential Characters Of The Past 30 Years?

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff said that he believes Goldberg is one of the most influential characters of the past 30 years. Bischoff said that his streak which lasted from June 1997 till December 1998 propelled Goldberg to stardom and he has been on top ever since.

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