WWE Hall of Famer Details Fighting For His Life In 2022

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A WWE Hall of Famer has discussed their harrowing battle with COVID and how they really “fought” for their life over the last several months.

‘Cowboy’ Bill Watts is a legendary name in the world of pro wrestling with a career that saw him share the ring with the likes of Bruno Sammartino, Gorilla Monsoon, and Lout Thesz. Watts held numerous championships over his illustrious career, including WWWF tag team gold with Monsoon way back in 1965.

After he stepped away from the ring Bill Watts became a major player backstage in the wrestling world. Watts was the pioneering mastermind behind Mid-South Wrestling. He morphed that promotion into the Universal Wrestling Federation in the 1980s as Vince McMahon and Jim Crockett led the way in the wrestling world with their own promotions.

The UWF was ultimately sold to Crockett and in 1992 Bill Watts had a brief spell running the office for WCW but left under controversial circumstances and subsequently had an even shorter spell as the booker in WWE in 1995.

Speaking on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, Bill Watts discussed his current battle in 2022 and he has struggled badly with COVID:

“For the last four to five months, I got the worst strain of COVID and viral pneumonia and I really fought for my life. I’ve been in the hospital five times and you know, you’re so weak and all you’re gonna talk about is your damn health and I think what a miserable thing, and boy did we raise some Cain and do some things and we didn’t even never consider getting old because we didn’t even know what it was.”

h/t POST Wrestling