WWE Hall Of Famer Explains Why Jade Cargill Should Debut In The 2024 Royal Rumble

Jade Cargill

One WWE Hall of Famer thinks Jade Cargill should make her debut in grand fashion by entering the 2024 Royal Rumble.

On September 26th, Jade Cargill officially signed with WWE. Triple H welcomed her with open arms, and Bully Ray expressed that she would finally be utilized to her maximum potential.

Another WWE Hall of Famer who sees big things in store for Cargill is Mick Foley, who had high praise for the former TBS Champion on the most recent episode of Foley is Pod. The Hardcore Legend praised Cargill’s ‘it factor,’ saying that WWE will have failed if she doesn’t become a major star in the company.

“Oh man, you talk about the ‘it factor.’ She just really jumps off the page. Giving her the day to do media is the way you break a star. It just remains to be seen whether they you know want to introduce her with a bang. Wow, that was really impressive. It really was, to see the rollout.

“If WWE can’t make her a major star, then they are failing in the worst way possible. So I think they will, and I think she will rise to the occasion. She’s somebody whose upside is almost immeasurable. She’s just going to continue to be better, but she’s got that look, and not just the look, but the presence as well. I see big things for her in WWE.”

Mick Foley Wants Jade Cargill To Make A “Big Splash” In Her WWE Debut

Continuing, Foley suggested that Jade Cargill make her WWE debut in the Royal Rumble, similar to top level stars AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes.

“I am all in favor of making the big splash right away. I understand the value of NXT, but I think when you have somebody like that you want to make that big splash right away, like they did with AJ Styles, like they did with Cody, and that would be a perfect way to do it.”

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